Vertigo M1 CNC Router

Vertigo M1 CNC Router

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We have Designed the Vertigo CNC M series machines with simplicity and ease of use in mind, our CNC’s are shipped completely assembled and ready to be used right out of the box. The M series CNC’s are capable of machining materials such as wood, plastic, carbon fiber & aluminum. The M1 has a cutting area of 610mm wide x 610mm deep x 75mm high (YES you can use a 75mm tool and still have 75mm of clear Z axis travel!), meaning you’ll have a large working area for cutting and machining your designs. The overall size of the CNC is 750mm wide x 750mm deep.



    At the heart of the M series is a Vertigo Technologies designed 32bit controller for a faster and more accurate cutting experience, with build in ethernet USB C and micro SD card reader. No longer do you need to spend hours trying to get software and drivers installed and working, with our re-developed CNC optimized version Smoothieware you have the ability to connect to and control your CNC right from your web browser. This means you can control the machine right from your PC, phone or tablet with very minimal prior set-up.


      Waste Board

      We have used a new type of wasteboard on our new M series machine. Uniboard is a recycled plastic wood substitute with a solid outer skin with a closed cell inner to prevent water absorption. Uniboard, unlike MDF or plywood, has the ability to withstand small amounts of coolants when milling materials such as hard plastics and aluminum. This will greatly extend the life for your cutting tool as well and giving you a much nicer finish. Uniboard also gives you the luxury of not being too conservative with depths unlike having an aluminum or steel base board.



        The M1 series has a cutting area of 610mm wide x 610mm deep x 75mm high. The M2 series has a cutting area of 1210mm wide x 610mm deep x 75mm high. You can use a 75mm tool and still have 75mm of clear Z axis travel, meaning you’ll have a large working area for cutting and machining your designs.


          Work Holding

          We have included industry standard size T-slot track mounted 1mm lower than the waste board to help with cutting clearance. This gives you the ability to use a wide range of work holding options including but not limited to toe clamps, cam clamps and of course rocker clamps. This will give you a truly solid and repeatable work holding solution.



            We have chosen a unique way to drive our machine, using lead screw rather than belts that have been used in CNC machines of the same class. We have found that opting for the lead screw design gives us superior tolerance and accuracy over belt driven machine. The M series CNC’s utilize high quality 10×10 acme lead screws and custom designed anti-backlash nuts to help increase both precision and wear resistance over other similar CNC’s on the market. After rigorous testing with several types of stepper motors we have opted to use a 0.9-degree NEMA 23 stepper with 400 steps per revolution, high precision, high power and low current draw per phase which helps keep our DRV8825 drivers nice and cool.


              What You’ll Get

              • All hardware
              • All electronics and motors
              • Homing switches X & Y
              • Control software
              • 2 x 3 Carbide endmill’s
              • Makita RT0700C
              • 6 x T-Bolts and nuts (for work holding)


              • Colour: Blue / Black
              • Overall size: M1: 750mm, 750mm, 405mm
              • Cutting Area: M1: 610mm, 610mm, 75mm
              • Weight: M1: 22kg ><2kg
              • Firmware: Smoothieware
              • OS: OS X 10.9 or higher, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
              • Stepper Motors: NEMA 23
              • Clamps: T Slot rails
              • Router Makita RT0700C (Variable speed)
              • Connection: USB C, Ethernet
              • Control software: CNCjs, Pronterface, Laserweb
              • Network control: Embedded web server (This also works over Wi-Fi )
              • Power: 220v AC 50Hz


              • 12 Month parts and components warranty
              Vertigo Technologies Ltd
              Vertigo CNC
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