Under The Hood

Under The Hood



We have implemented our Vertigo Core automation controller in the the M1 & M2 machines, this controller was designed and developed by Vertigo Technologies and is based on the Smoothieboard. 




We have loaded a CNC optimized version of smoothieware on the Core, you will see this file once you connect to the machine as it is stored on the micro SD card. For more information check out - http://smoothieware.org/




This is the file that the CNC reads on startup, it contains all the setting for the machine such as max feed rates ramp up rates etc, if you wish to make changes to any setting in windows please use notepad++. OSX you can just use the standard text editor for this. Check out the Vertigo Core getting started guide for more info…


Tips & Tricks


Make sure you have all the relevant software installed and you have a good understanding of how CNC routers work there are a ton of great resources out there to help you learn and get started.

What ever software you decide to use for design make sure the G-code it outputs is compatible with smoothieware.

Just remember CNC routers can be dangerous so always make sure you're clear from any moving parts while the machine is live even if the router isn't moving doesn't mean it won't suddenly move when you least expect it to.

While replacing router bits always make sure the machine is off and the big red button on the hand control is pressed down!


Recommended CNC Workflow


1. Design your part
2. Setup the CAM for your part
3. Save G-code file
4. Insert router bit into the router collet
5. Clamp down work-piece
6. Zero out the router (Based on chosen CAM setup)
7. Start your operation
8. Once job is complete turn of machine and remove part
9. Don't forget to clean the machine up after use!