Machine Operation

Machine Operation


Clamp your workpiece in place using the provided T-bolts or screw directly into the bed, there is no right or wrong way to clamp your work piece it is more about what works for you.

Connecting Machine

Connect USB<

Note: If the CNC does not show up try a different port, quite often the rear ports on a desktop PC works better than the front ports.

Finding The Machine

Select the port drop down on the left hand side of CNCjs, if the connected port does not show up click the refresh button next to the drop down.

Loading Project

Select the “Upload G-Code” button and find your project.


Remember twist to release up is ON down is OFF.

Note: The Controller is powered off the USB


Click the open button, once connected you will see the jog panel on the left hand side will unlock.


The two outside LED’s should be solid while the two centre ones will flash.

Note: Check out this troubleshooting guide for more information.

Machine Jogging

Once the machine is connected you will see the Axis jog widget will become unlocked, this window gives you the ability to Jog the X Y & Z axis around.

  • X-   (Left)
  • X+ (Right)
  • Y- (Towards you) 
  • Y+ (Away from you)
  • Z+ (Spindle up)
  • Z- (  Spindle down) 
  • 1 (1mm every click)
  • 0.1 (0.1mm every click)

You can also jog the machine around using the keyboard to enable this up the top select the “Keyboard” button this gives you the ability to hold your arrow keys down to move the machine around.

Zeroing The Machine

Setting Z Zero. There are two main ways to zero out the Z axis the first and more common way is to jog the Z axis down to the bed and type a negative value in the Z axis work position  column (the negative value you use is the thickness of your work piece).

The second way to zero the Z axis is to jog the router down to the top of the work-piece and hover over the Z drop-down under the Action heading and select… “Zero Out Work Z Axis…)”

Setting X & Y Zero. Jog the router to your chosen X0 Y0 location (Must be the same as selected during the CAM setup)  

Once in the correct location click on the X drop-down button under the Action heading and select…. “Zero Out Work X Axis (G10….)” Then repeat the same steps to zero out the Y axis.  

What To Watch Out For

Make sure before you start the cut you jog the Z axis up to help clear any potential


Turn the router on and set the appropriate speed setting.

Start The Cut

Make sure the file is loaded,

Workpiece is clamped down,

Router is switched on,

Speed is set Hands are clear,

Press Play to start the job,

Watch your design come to life!